Meet the Team


Owner– Certified Groomer  

Brooke is the owner of Brooke’s Dog Grooming. Brooke’s Dog Grooming was awarded the “gold” title as Ottawa’s best dog groomer for 2022! 

Brooke is a certified full-time groomer who specializes in grooming Golden retrievers & Double coated breeds. She has always had strong interest in showing & breeding of this breed. Owning her own show line Golden Retriever named “Brier”. She goes to local dog shows all year round and continuously learns the genetics & grooming of golden retrievers, soon to be adding a show breeding prospect to her family in the near future.   

Now, in her mid 20’s she is pursuing her dreams running her own grooming salon. Brooke is working towards her studies to become a certified master groomer. Brooke offers fear free grooming and has animal CPR and first aid education. Brooke has worked for many years as a veterinary assistant in animal emergency care. Coming from the vet and animal behavior world; she has lots of experience dealing with difficult and anxious pets. She provides a patient, welcoming atmosphere where dogs always feel safe & secure, her attention to detail and your pet’s wellbeing is what matters most. 


Julie Started her career in the animal care world in 2019, working as a bather at PetSmart. She then realized her passion for grooming in 2020 and decided to take PetSmart grooming courses and became a full-time groomer. Almost 3 years later she is pursuing her dream job and growing her knowledge and experience of every breed.  

Julie has patience and compassion she loves every client’s dog like it were her own. She takes the time to ensure your pet is comfortable and stress free while they’re in her care. I can guarantee if you have an anxious pet, they will leave feeling happy and relieved. Julie is Great with your furry littles ones and displays a lot of knowledge with doodles.


Bekah’s love for grooming started as a child watching and assisting her grandmother groom. As an adult she decided to pursue a full-time career as a groomer. Bekah started her career at PetSmart as a bather in 2016 and went to academy in 2019. She is compassionate, loves to learn and treat every dog like they’re her own. She has a deep love for bully breeds and loves to learn new breed patterns. Bekah has a huge passion for poodles, doodles and Newfoundlanders.


Cailey started her career as a bather at Petsmart in 2020. A short year later she followed her passion to becoming a dog groomer and continues to grow that passion here at Brooke’s dog grooming. 
She takes specialty working with challenging and anxious dogs. Coming from a small rural town up north she has been around a wide range of animals with different behaviours; some more challenging than others.
Cailey will always treat your dog like family and hopes she can make every grooming experience for you and your pet a positive one