Meet the Team


Owner– Certified Groomer  

Meet Brooke, the passionate owner of Brooke’s Dog Grooming, Ottawa’s premier dog grooming salon. With an impressive track record, her salon was awarded the prestigious “gold” title as Ottawa’s best dog groomer for 2022 and “Bronze” title as Ottawa best dog groomer for 2023.

A certified full-time groomer, Brooke’s expertise lies in grooming Golden Retrievers & Double Coated breeds. Her fascination with this breed led her to delve into the worlds of showing and breeding, proudly owning her own show line Golden Retriever named “Brier.” Throughout the year, she actively participates in local dog shows, immersing herself in the genetics and grooming techniques of Golden Retrievers, with exciting plans to add a show breeding prospect to her family in the near future.

Having found her true passion in her mid-20s, Brooke wholeheartedly pursues her dream of running her own grooming salon. As she works towards becoming a certified master groomer, she takes pride in offering fear-free grooming services and possesses valuable knowledge in animal CPR and first aid, gained during her years as a veterinary assistant in animal emergency care. Her background in the vet and animal behavior field equips her with extensive experience in handling difficult and anxious pets.

Brooke’s focus remains on providing a patient and welcoming atmosphere where dogs always feel safe and secure. With an unwavering attention to detail and a deep concern for your pet’s wellbeing, she ensures that each grooming session is a positive and enjoyable experience for your furry companion.

Join Brooke and her dedicated team at Brooke’s Dog Grooming, where your pet’s happiness and comfort come first. Experience the difference that a true dog lover and grooming expert can make for your beloved four-legged friend.



In 2019, Julie began her journey in animal care as a bather at PetSmart. Recognizing her passion in 2020, she embraced grooming, completing PetSmart’s courses and becoming a full-time groomer. With nearly 3 years of experience, Julie now thrives in her dream job, continuously expanding her skills with each breed.

Julie’s approach is founded on patience and compassion. She treats every client’s dog with heartfelt care, ensuring their comfort and peace throughout their time with her. Anxious pets find solace in Julie’s touch, leaving her care content and at ease.

Her expertise extends to dogs of all sizes, with a particular affinity for doodles. Julie’s compassionate expertise echoes her dedication and proficiency in grooming, embodying a journey of passion and attentive skill.



Bekah’s grooming journey is fueled by her deep compassion for dogs. Starting with her grandmother’s guidance, she embraced grooming at PetSmart in 2016 and honed her skills at grooming academy in 2019.

What sets Bekah apart is her heartfelt approach—treating each dog she grooms with the care she’d give her own. Her dedication to learning shines as she specializes in bully breeds, poodles, doodles, and Newfoundlanders. In a world where trust matters, Bekah’s compassionate expertise creates lasting connections with both dogs and their owners.



Meet Arden, our passionate pet enthusiast whose love for animals knows no bounds! From growing up with golden retrievers to welcoming her own Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Roxxi, in 2022, Arden’s journey has been fueled by her furry companions.

Diving headfirst into the world of dog sports, nutrition, and enrichment, Arden has become  very knowledgeable of care in the pet community. With a heart full of love for every tail-wagger she meets, she treats each furry friend like family, ensuring they receive nothing but the best.

Having found her true calling in grooming, Arden is thrilled to embark on her professional journey at Brooke’s Dog Grooming. With her passion and expertise, she’s ready to make tails wag and pets shine brighter than ever before.


Bather / Admin

Stephanie’s journey in the world of dog grooming began in 2022, stemming from her lifelong passion for our four-legged friends. Formerly a human hairdresser, she seamlessly transitioned into her role as a receptionist and dog bather at our salon. Inspired by her beloved golden retriever, Harlow, Stephanie specializes in bath and brush services, particularly enjoying working with retrievers like her faithful companion.

Off-duty, Stephanie enjoys training and exploring new places with Harlow by her side. Her dedication to pampering pets with love and compassion is evident in every interaction, treating each furry friend as if they were her own. With over 15 years of customer service experience, Stephanie ensures that every visit to Brooke’s is a memorable experience, making each client feel valued and understood.